Here are the two ways our projects usually start, whether it be for a company or for ourselves:


A situation or opportunity arises where Chad feels he needs to produce a new idea.  He sits and scribbles like an insane person on standard three hole punched lined notebook paper until a rough idea forms.  He presents everything to Tyler, they either debate or Tyler just says "that works".  Chad makes all the calls and contacts needed to film what is probably a documentary.  He handles all scheduling and freaks out about every detail.  YOU NEVER STOP BEING AFRAID... YOU NEVER STOP BEING AFRAID.  Then the day comes, we shoot, it goes well.  If the project is larger he hands it to Tyler who either edits it all, or waits to stick exactly to Chad's warm, story oriented, feel good, 80's Spielberg movie theatrics.  If the project is smaller he edits and scores it himself, then they debate release details and scheduling.


A situation or opportunity arises where Tyler feels he needs to produce a new idea.  He sits down at a restaurant, orders breakfast, stares at his laptop, and writes a basic outline of something, probably a scripted short, movie, or insane "save the world" political endeavor.  He starts planning, eventually mentions it to Chad and they debate how doable it is.  In the case of a film related project, after months of prep work - props, color pallets, storyboard, equipment needs, effects, and stunt planning - filming eventually arrives.  Tyler then obsesses over everything in post where he has too much control, and his perfectionist tendencies really surface.  Chad tells him this.  Someday, after all the editing, re-editing, and obsessing over music, the hopefully cool, rock n' roll, sunglasses and suitcoats wearing (hopefully) epic thing, is ready, then they debate release details and scheduling.

Above all, no-matter the order of events, we make things we enjoy making, we laugh in the face of ridged authoritarian processes where no feedback is allowed, and we work with and utilize people's strengths.