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The Tragedy of Lovelace Outwood's
secret production page.

I don't know how many people have found/will find this, so...

congratulations on having clicked all the triangles, you intrepid person you.

This film has been a lot of work for myself, so far (at time of writing) totaling around 2000 hours.  I really hope that somebody out there enjoys it and understands it; often times I worry about that.  See, I don't usually think of myself as being all that competent, but I have to pretend I am and try my best or else I'd just lay in bed all day.  The late comedian Norm Macdonald used to say to himself something along the lines of "tomorrow I will have done this", before going on stage.  I don't remember where I learned that, it might have been Sarah Silverman, I do not know... but I use it.

  Making a movie, or doing anything that takes a lot of work (and finger crossing), is like me typing this for whoever is reading it - I don't know if the punctuation is correct or if I should use a semicolon or the full colon; but I do it anyway, I have to just stop second guessing myself and do things... like shoot a semi ambitious movie with zero budget.  This is where the analogy stops working though, because I re-edit the hell outa almost every project I ever work on, and you can bet I'll do the same with this movie until the 'punctuation' is perfect, or at least the best I am capable of.

If Lovelace Outwood ends up sucking, well hey; at least I made Lovelace Outwood.  Not many people can say that; and I should hold my head up high.  - Tyler J. Mayes  (01/2022)

To access the crew image archive click this last triangle:

Password: robs


Whether it will be seen as nothing more than a film made from shitty webcam footage, or as a film that made people actually engage with shitty webcam footage until they forgot it was shitty webcam footage; I hope you're glad you found this.


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