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As many stories start, ours started with two childhood friends; Tyler J. Mayes and Chad M. Campbell.  Though we honestly didn't hang out that much.  One time Chad ran Tyler over with a bike, it's on camera of course because we were filming a movie.

Many years later when Tyler was a 20 year old emotionally repressed (outcast through his teenage years) loner with a fear of everything and a tendency to work too hard, and Chad was a recovering brain surgery patient, they moved in together (you can't make this stuff up (you can, it's not that weird (but we aren't (parenthesis inception)))).  And that's when The Alamo Studio LLC began...  actually it was officially formed as an LLC in 2017, but that doesn't really matter.

The Alamo Studio LLC is Chad, Tyler, & his brother Josh, with many unofficial revolving members (all being paid less that $600 a year each (Hi IRS)).  We know who we are (maybe), we know our strengths (we hope), we know how to get things done (ish), we know who to talk to (mom?), and above all - we are too confident to sink, like the Titanic.

We create material that we enjoy making.​ We like the epic, heartwarming, self aware, maybe stupid on the surface but intelligent underneath stuff. 

And we are improving.

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